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What Would Stoner Do 2020

In the 1950s, Eugene Stoner’s ground-breaking rifle went against almost every tradition in firearms design.

He used Space-Age aluminum and composites, instead of traditional wood and steel. At the time, his ideas about gun design were considered visionary, futuristic, even radical.

Today, firearms based on Stoner’s ideas are carried by every branch of the US military, employed by Law Enforcement, and owned by millions of American citizens exercising their constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

Stoner’s ideas have stood the test of time, even two decades after his death in 1997.

But what if we still had Eugene Stoner around?

What if he had access to the most-modern materials and manufacturing methods? How would he make his rifle even lighter and more-capable and user-friendly?

What would Stoner Do?

That’s the question the WWSD 2020 Rifle by Ian and Karl from InRange TV attempts to answer.

Available in mid-2020 exclusively from Brownells Europe, the WWSD 2020 Rifle uses tough, durable modern polymers, and high-tech manufacturing techniques to push Stoner’s genius ideas into the 21st Century.

Available For Order IWA2020