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Privacy Policy

Who is the Data Controller?

General Manager Olav Aas is in charge of the processing of all personal data at Brownells Europe AS. The Data Controller monitors how personal data is processed, and only processes data to fulfil the company’s objectives.
The CEO / General Manager is Brownells’ contact person regarding questions about how and why we process personal data. He is happy to receive any enquiries you might have in this regard.

Contact information:
CEO / General Manager
Brownells Norge AS
Address: Heiveien 882, 4985 Vegårshei
Phone: +47 92 81 62 44 / +47 37 17 00 00

Our processing of your personal information

Visitors to our websites and our partners' websites

The purpose of processing data is to give visitors to our websites a good user experience. This means being able to adapt web ads and offers on our partner's products to a customer's areas of interest.

Personal data processing is based on consent. Provided that the visitors to our partners' websites have given their consent via the technical setting in the browser or the equivalent, we use cookies and pixels to collect and store data related to what the visitors of our partners' websites do there.

Our partners' website uses cookies. A cookie is a file that is stored in your browser and allows the website to recognise your browser from time to time. Both the website and their affiliates may use cookies.

The purpose of cookies is to record and calculate traffic and user patterns on the website (statistics), making it possible for the site to recognise the regular visitors from time to time and between sites, customising the content and functionality on the site, segment, and target your marketing so that ads are tailored to the target group to which the user belongs. Irrelevant marketing can be reduced and we can develop and improve our website using cookies.

Cookies do not contain personal information and may not be used to identify the user. By accessing this site, you agree to store cookies in your web browser. If you do not want cookies to be stored, you can change the settings in your browser. You can also delete existing cookies. If you choose to delete or not accept cookies, you may experience reduced functionality on our partners' websites.

Shall the data be sent to third parties?

In some cases, we need to transfer personal data for commercial reasons to entities outside the EU/EEA. This applies to our group companies in Russia and Switzerland and it applies to our main collaborator/suppliers in the United States. We do not disclose other information to third parties beyond that required by law for the public authorities.

What rights does the Data Subject have, and which country's laws shall apply?

Anyone who asks has the right to basic information about the processing of personal data at an entity/business, according to the rules laid out in the Personal Data Act. We have provided this information in this Declaration and will refer to it upon any request.

Those who are registered in one of our systems have the right to access their own information. They also have the right to request that incorrect, incomplete or information which we do not have the right to process or store be corrected, deleted or supplemented. A request from the Data Subject shall be answered free of charge and no later than within 30 days.

We shall follow current applicable Norwegian law in this area.

Brownells Europe AS
Heiveien 882
4985 Vegårshei

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